Elvia Moreta

Dr. Moreta received her medical degree from the Catholic University Guayaquil and completed her medical residency at Duke University Medical Center, before completing a fellowship in rheumatology and internal medicine in North Carolina. She has been in private practice since 1997.

The scientific challenge of working with autoimmune disorders is what led her down the path that brought her to St. Paul Rheumatology. 

“My first exposure was transplant (renal) for SLE. My training allowed me to use my transplant knowledge to improve the management of autoimmune disorders.”

Her personal and professional values are a perfect match for our innovative practice, as she enjoys adapting new information into her daily practice. She also enjoys the opportunities to be involved with national and international organizations that share her goal of improving therapeutic options for autoimmune patients. 

“I enjoy adapting new information into my daily practice.”  

Direct patient care is the part of her job she has grown to love the most during her time at St. Paul Rheumatology, as it allows a greater understanding the of the patient and the opportunity to develop a trusting relationship. 

“Clinical research allows patients new options and provides me with cutting edge research participation.” 

Her ability to combine her scientific knowledge with attentive clinical care helps to set her apart. She hopes her patients would describe her as having a positive outlook, being caring, and willing to share knowledge with them. 

She enjoys the united mindset at our practice, where both patients and medical staff work together to produce a positive, beneficial experience. 

“I believe collaboration and teamwork is what allows healthcare providers to deliver better care.” 

A “New Yorker at heart”, she loves street dogs and hopes to remain active volunteering to help others through organizations such as Doctors Without Borders once her career is over.  

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