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About Saint Paul Rheumatology

Founded in 2001, we specialize in the treatment of autoimmune conditions that affect joints and soft tissue such as: 

Our physicians, care team, and support staff are committed to helping you live a full life while living with your condition. 

A Supportive Community Investing In Your Long Term Success 

We strive to be more than a clinic; we strive to be a refuge where our patients can feel right at home with their doctors and fellow patients.  Our patients benefit from a real sense of comradery in our infusion centers, never feeling alone as they navigate their treatment journey. This begins with our diverse roster of doctors, which allows us to match patients with a doctor who fits their style and temperament. 

Team Members

Dr. Sumi Gopal of St. Paul Rheumatology

Sumi Gopal, MD

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Dr. Elvia Moreta of Saint Paul Rheumatology, P.A.

Elvia Moreta

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Dr. David Ridley of Saint Paul Rheumatology, P.A.

David Ridley

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We look forward to empowering you to live your best life while receiving cutting-edge treatment for your condition. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

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