Custom Orthotics

We offer custom orthotics products that help ease the pain and discomfort conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and gout can cause our patients. Orthotics are covered by many insurance plans so we encourage you to discuss your foot pain with your doctor at your next appointment. 

Oasis Vitamins

Overall wellness is an important component of any treatment plan. In some cases vitamins can be used to supplement treatments such as infusions. You can order refills of your vitamin products.

Shared Care Program

We understand patients enjoy warmer climates. That’s why we’ve created a program to connect care with providers in other geographic areas. Please inform staff of your travel plans so we can provide continuity in care.

Breeze Patient Portal

Take care of preregistration, message your care team, view lab results via the Beeze’s Patient Portal.

CORONA Registry

Our clinic is an active participant in the CORONA registry. Active patients are able to participate in the largest clinical registry. Patients and rheumatologists are allowed to gain important insights on long term treatment benefits and outcomes. Tracking progress of active participants allows us to continue improving medical outcomes.

Helpful Links

Here are some links and resources we think you may find useful as you research your treatment options: 

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