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Saint Paul Rheumatology, PA

Saint Paul Rheumatology, PA offers a wide variety of services for the diagnosis, care management and treatment of arthritis and autoimmune diseases. Learn more about our services by exploring the links below:

Why see a Rheumatologist?

A rheumatologist is a physician who has special training and experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of arthritis and autoimmune diseases as well as other conditions that affect the joints, muscles, and bones.

There are many types of these diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, spondylitis, lupus, scleroderma, osteoporosis, and tendonitis. It can be difficult to diagnose diseases and conditions of this type, so it is important to see a specialist who can determine the cause of your symptoms and make a diagnosis and treatment plan that will allow you to manage your condition and symptoms while providing you with the best quality of life possible.

Many of these conditions respond best if diagnosed and treated early, and they often change over time, so seeing a rheumatologist for diagnosis, and also for continuing care, can significantly improve your response to treatment and make managing your symptoms easier and more successful.

Patient Education

Patient education and involvement in care is critical to the success of treatment. Every care plan we develop is custom designed for each patient to address their unique needs, symptoms and the course of treatment. Your physician will create a care plan for you and one of our team members will work with you to make sure you understand the plan. They will answer questions that you have and provide you with resources to make sure that you have the information you need to participate in your care and be confident in the steps that are being taken to manage your symptoms and treat your condition.

If you have questions about your care or need resources please contact us at (651) 644-4277.

Insurance & Financial Planning

Saint Paul Rheumatology, PA participates in most insurance providers and Medicare. We do suggest that you check with your provider to determine if a referral from your primary care provider is required to ensure the best coverage possible.

Since many conditions that we treat at Saint Paul Rheumatology, PA require long term treatment, we offer consultation with an insurance coordinator to streamline insurance processing and also provide financial planning for out of pocket costs.

Infusion Centers

Both of our clinic locations offer infusion centers where we can administer intravenous infusion treatments that many advanced treatment plans require. Our trained staff will administer and supervise your treatments while monitoring your progress and ensuring the best quality of care.

We want you to be as comfortable as possible during your treatment, so we have created a warm and inviting space for infusion treatments. With soft sofas and chairs, tv and dvd viewing options and wireless internet available, our infusion centers will exceed your expectations.

Specialized Equipment

At Saint Paul Rheumatology , we believe that treatment for your condition should be as streamlined as possible, so we offer on-site services with specialized equipment so that we can monitor your symptoms, the condition of your joints, bones and tissue and evaluate your progress, all in one place. You do not have to make a separate appointment at a different clinic and then wait for results to be provided to your physician.

We have mobile ultrasound, an on-site MRI and on-site bone density scanner so that we can provide you with the best possible care, all within our clinic.

Research & Clinical Trials

As part of our philosophy of providing the best possible treatment to our patients, we are constantly reviewing and evaluating current treatment options as well as new research and treatment options as they are developed.

We participate in research and clinical trials, and do extensive charting, reporting and evaluation for new treatment options and the clinical trials in which we participate.

For patients who have not responded well to their current treatments, or for those who struggle with side effects of their current treatment, new research and clinical trials may offer an alternative that will provide a better quality of life.